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Miftahul Ilmi, S.Si., M.Si.


Selected Publication :
  1. E. Chasanah, M. Ali, and Ilmi, M., Identification and partial characterisation of crude extracelluler enzymes from bacteria isolated from shrimp waste processing, Squalen, vol. 7/1, pp. 11-18, 2012
  2. Ilmi, M., E. Chasanah, and W. Mangunwardoyo, Characterization of Acinetobacter sp. KPU 2.1.8 Chitinolytic Enzyme from Shrimp Waste Processing, Proceeding of 7th National Seminar on Basic Science vol. III, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia, pp. 271 - 279, February 2010
  3. Ilmi, M., Enumeration and Identification of Indoor Airborne Molds from the Classrooms of the Public Elementary Schools in Umbulharjo Subdistrict, City of Yogyakarta, Proceeding of National Seminar on Biology , Faculty of Biology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, pp. 250 - 255, December 2009
  4. E. Chasanah, Ilmi, M., and W. Mangunwardoyo, Screening of chitinolytic bacteria from shrimp processing waste, Jurnal Pasca Panen dan Bioteknologi Kelautan dan Perikanan, vol. 4/1, pp. 59 - 68, 2009