Judul/Title Evaluation of Safety Climate and Service Performance of Inpatient Care Unit of Public Hospital
Penulis/Author Hasianna Nopina Situmorang (1) ; Ir. Rini Dharmastiti, M.Sc., Ph.D., IPM., ASEAN Eng. (2)
Tanggal/Date 2020
Kata Kunci/Keyword
Abstrak/Abstract Safety climate is an important part of an organization because it is related to the hospital performance and therefore it needs to be evaluated. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety climate that affects the performance of inpatient care services in public hospitals, including job satisfaction, job performance, work productivity and patient satisfaction. Method: The study was conducted involving 256 respondents of health workers and patients in the inpatient care unit at two public hospitals in Indonesia. The study was conducted using a questionnaire covering the dimensions of leadership, staff, communication, and cooperation. Results: Safety climate in the inpatient care unit at the hospital had a positive relationship with job satisfaction, job performance and work productivity, and does not correlate to the improvement of patient satisfaction. Hospital performance in sequence for the level of job satisfaction, job performance, and work productivity is classified as very good, and the level of patient satisfaction is good. Respondents consider knowledge and experience in handling safety still needs to be improved. To increase awareness of climate safety, the leaders make safety as a culture that must be obeyed by all personals. Conclusion: Safety climate in two public hospitals affects job satisfaction, job performance, and work productivity, but does not affect patient satisfaction
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